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10:30:29   27/08/2015
Exclusive trademarked process is established to intellectual ownership of the subject as brands , trademarks for is considered invaluable intellectual properties. Intellectual property Nam Long with these experienced lawyers in field of intellectual property will be retained opinion to optimized for customers in the registration procedure patent protection trademark, logo, trademark.

With Nam Long, customers will advise and lookup free preliminary brands!

Registration procedures exclusive trademark protection:
Step 1: We would prepare the registration dossiers according to trademark protection document supply customers. Records include:
- The declaration of trademark protection registration (form)
- Samples of trademark
- Attorney
Step 2: after customers sign documents, We would contact the registration and filing of trademark protection in the Intellectual Property Department .
Step 3: We would tracking and reporting the status of registration of trademark protection for customers. Assist in the preparation of all the information written reply message asking fix menu, notice the refusal to grant a protection title .... of the National Office of Intellectual Property. On behalf of its customers receive notification , the decision of the Intellectual Property Department such decision to accept an invalid, Intends protection diploma, certificate of trademark registration.

For working motto for customer dedication, devotion for work , completed on schedule and service requests. Intellectual Property Nam Long, commitments can not Stop improve service quality in the legal advisory activities, as well as protect its rights and legal interests of individuals, organizations and businesses follow provisions of the law.

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